A shared passion for honey, nature sports & environement respect !

At the beginning of Meltonic, there's a meeting between two men, both passionate about sports & nature: 

  • An honey expert, bee enthusiast since his childhood (3rd generation of beekeepers)
  • Former professional sailor,holder of national and international titles (2012 London Olympic Games). Currently runner & trailrunner.

The 1st sport nutrition range with honey and without glucose syrup

  • 90% of sport nutrition is made on a glucose syrup basis : unnatural ingredient, non respectful of body. Noting the effectiveness of honey in terms of energy and the benefit of some plants and essential oils, we conducted researches to evaluate the effectiveness on endurance and energy, so precious...

5 advantages of honey in sport

  • Acacia honey has a glycemic index 44% lower than glucose syrup, thus honey has an intermediate effect between slow burning carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, very beneficial during prolonged efforts.
  • Honey's absortion is fast and easy (15 to 20 minutes), avoiding fermentation phenomenon.
  • Acacia honey has a better digestion index than glucose syrup thanks to its high level of fructose. The passge into bloodstream is soft, it does not trigger a brutal change of hormones causing a lesser insulin release.
  • Honey has better assimilation during effort thanks to the presence of the unique enzyme: the invertase, which limits diabetes risks compared to glucose syrup.
  • Honey helps calcium absortion, magnesium retention and thanks to its various enzymes, make easier the aliments' absortion for a better digestive transit.

Royal jelly : energy source for sport

Naturally rich in Vitamins B3, B5, minerals and trace elements, the royal jelly, secreted by bees, is renowned as the most natural tonic and stimulant. Its reputation in sport nutrition works in its favour.

Valuable naturals actives for more efficiency

We devised with our partner laboratories, with expertise in active of plant, unique formulas, combining toning plants extract well known in sport (ginseng, guarana, spirulina, acerola...)

Local products, made by French Laboratories

Made in France, by independents partner laboratories, Meltonic range brings you security and efficiency, in the organism respect.

Nature and Beehives' treasures : Honey and royal Jelly are the grounds of our products, all our raw materials come from them.

Without preservatives, glucose syrup, a part of our products are organic certified. Quality, efficiency and tolerance, associated to gustatory properties, allowed us to answer to sporty expectations with nutritional solutions adapted to differents phases of efforts.

Innovation oriented, Made in France, Meltonic, in collaboration with sports personalities, designs, produces and distributes natural products for athletes looking for authenticity. We wish to contribute to respect for the health of athletes and the protection of the planet.