Terre d'Abeilles

Bees are in danger, they disapear by billions every year. The survival of 80% of the vegetal species listed on our planet depends on bees. They are an essencial link in biodiversity, pollination & vital for the ecosystem in general. That's why MELTONIC give 1% of its sales back to the association Terre d’Abeilles : NGO which acts at a national, european et international level for bees protection and other wild pollinating. More information on Terre d’Abeilles.


L'Institut Européen des Antioxydants

IEA is an expertise and advice center about antioxydants. Based on expert in that field, the platform develops a normalized procedure to define clear and objective antioxidant power scale. IEA guarantees the TOTAL ANTIOXIDANT POWER in Meltonic energy gels according to an analysis of the organic acacia honey, origin EU. Meltonix is proud to present you the PAOT innovation for all the athletes who wish to consume natural product during the effort.

Run Collect

Run Collect
 offers a free solution for athletes to return their used running shoes, all year long (Limit : 2 return/year/person). Once received, the shoes in good shape are redsitributed, with the goal to give shoes to penniless people. Those to damaged are reinvested into recycling innovative programs. In return, consumers will receive a discount coupon for their favorite shoe brand or a brand of their choix (MELTONIC for example). Coupons are available, according to partnership, either on their online shop, or to a sports shop selling the brand, or on events such as sports fairs.


Vo2maxvoyages is proud to join the MELTONIC team around their shared values such as sport and sharing Vo2maxvoyages is a travel agency specialized in sport stays. They are organizing stays for the athletes with race number's booking on the main marathons, trails, triathlon and training period organization. And as if there were not enough event, Vo2max voyages is also creating its own events ! Convivial and more authentic, the agency will take you to a white trail in Finland, the Mauritius's triathlon or ride with Laurent Jalabert in Thailand. Training , having fun, meeting people, in a word spending nice holidays ! Travelling with Vo2maxvoyages is the guaranty to enjoy a convivial stay, practicing its passion !

Course autour du monde

Founded by Gérard VERDENET, former Ultra-marathon and extreme runner, lthe association "Course autour du Monde" organizes raids (running or hiking) since 2013. Vietnam & Laos were the first two destinations, Ecuator & Tanzania have been added since. The format is 125km en 5 steps, to visit the country and discover the population in the mean time. There is always a humanitarian side.



Expertise et Proximity" The all philosophy of WTS - The coaching company® that is resumed in 2 words ! Since 2002, WTS position itself as the leader of endurance sports coaching, and namely thanks to a structured network and a innovative training technology. Based in Nice on the Cote d'Azur, the company WTS counts a network of 20 expert coaches to answer the specific needs of endurance athletes, whatever their levels, & whatever their objectives. When a collaboration is set up between an athlete and a WTS coach, the objective is to progress regularly, and most importantly, be ready for the D-Day !

JJOGG.IN the web site that easily enable you to run in group. Find Where, when and who you can run with ! After free register, every runner can find running session serching by date and location. It is also possible to create your own sessions. Thanks to JOGG.IN every runner can discover new routes, meet other runners and achieve its objectives.


The SENEGAZELLE, BATIRUN and LA GAZELLE AU NEPAL are 3 100 % female sporting events that combines running and solidarity among children. Each competitor is bringing school tools to help the children learning in better conditions. MELTONIC is official partner for the 3 runs of the 2015's edition. Each competitor will be forwarded with an honey & essential oil energy gel, glucose syrup and gluten free.