Frequently asked questions

  1. Is honey well tolerated during effort ?
  2. What is the Glycemic Index (GI) ?
  3. What is the advantage between honey and glucose syrup ?
  4. Where are the products made in ?
  5. Which are the essential oils benefits for the athlets ?
  6. Which ones are the recommended plants in terms of sport nutrition ?
  7. Any advice before competition to perform at the best ?
  8. During efforts, what do you suggest ?
  9. How to limit the intestinal disorders ?
  10. Are the ingredients of your gels safe according to the doping control ?
  11. Which ones are the advantages of Royal Jelly in sport ?
  12. What is the difference between a body care and a Natural Organic body care ?
  13. Energy drink or invigorating drink, is the same ?

1) Is honey well tolerated during effort ?

Honey helps food absorption in the body thanks to its fructose concentration (fruits sugar) and its specific enzymes. Hence, it helps a best assimilation and digestion during effort. The honey assimilation is progressive, avoiding digestive troubles.

2) What is the Glycemic Index (GI) ?

The Glycemic Index (GI) is measuring the impact of the food containing carbohydrates on the blood glucose level (rate of sugar in the blood). The food with a middle to low GI can increase endurance. The blood glucose level is rising less strongly after consuming honeys with a high fructose content. Acacia honey has a Glycemic index 44 % lower than glucose syrop (according to a comparative study) and is beneficial during extended efforts in training or competition.

3) What is the advantage between honey and glucose syrup ?

Honey, is naturaly rich in fructose and provide bio-available energy. The Acacia honey Glycemic Index (GI) is lower than the one of most of the gels based on glucose syrup currently on the market. The passage into the bloodstream is progressive during effort, and does not occur sudden secretion of insulin.

4) Where are the products made in ?

All the products of the MELTONIC range are elaborated in France, mainly in Pays de la Loire, in liable laboratories known for there valuation in sports nutrition, using raw materials 100 % natural such as acacia honey, royal jelly, essential oils and extract concentrate of plants, preservatives free.

5) Which are the essential oils benefits for athletes ?

More comfort, more pleasure during effort, less muscular tiredness and a better physical preformance, those are as many good reasons to be seducted by the use of the essential oils during sports. Choosing consciously the essential oils to provide specific support according to the energy use is overriding. For the short efforts, peppermint with sublingual absroption is inescapable. It can , by itself, favorably change the progress of the events. Breathing its fragrance deeply before and during effort will also help. In fact its general tonifying properties activate all the body's biggest functions (blood circulation, digestion, breathing and nervous system), its lightness, and freshness make mental sparkle; breathing it clears up the mind, sharpen the concentration ability as well as the vigilance. For the enduring competitors, peppermint will also be important, but more for its stimulating and refreshing aspect, to reduce the thisrt feeling, activate blood circulation and
breathing it is a cgood complement. The tropical basilica essential oil, is precisly acting on the neuromuscular level and offers then the perspective of an help in technical performance and in the acuracy of the moves.

6) Which ones are the recommended plants in terms of sport nutrition ?

Ginseng : root rare plant with toning benefit.
Ginseng : facilitates concentration and reactivity, enhances endurance by reducing the production of lactic acid and improves performance
Spirulina : seaweed naturally rich in iron and protein, it helps in the proper oxygenation of the muscles and helps recovery after exercise = aches and cramps eased
Guarana : root of plant, rich in caffeine. Guarana is a natural stimulant that improves body oxygenation, for a more intense workout, while minimizing the risk of injury
Maca : the "Peruvian ginseng" root of planr used in sport, known to reduce fatigue, sleeping troubles and lack of concentration.
Maté : is a plant naturally rich in cafein, traditionaly used for its stimulant properties. Known to reduce the fatigue feelings and stimulating the nervous system, allowing training of a higher intensity.

7) Any advice before competition to perform at the best ?

4 weeks before competition : preparation is acting on the muscular and physical fatigue's feeling, it is then very important to increase the natural defences and energy ressouces with a balanced diet while doing food supplement with organic royal jelly, ginseng, acerola and guarana treatment. The purpose is to start the D day in full fitness and mental performance. A complying diet beofre sport will enable you to feel at the best. Aim : anticipate an optimas hydratation level, energy resserve at the highest, and avoid digestives troubles. 3 days before competition : this is the time to increase carbohydrate loadings. The meals keep the same structure and will be strenghened in starchy food (pasta, rice, semolina...). The input in proteine will remain the same (1 to 1,2 kg for a day) not to overload. The lipid input will be limited. If you feel the starch input too heavy, help yourself with maltodestrin ( sugar issued from starch hydrolisis) in order to increase energy
The last meal before competition will shall be copious but easily digestible , 3 to 4 hours before competition. Indeed if the digestion process is not finished, the muscle needs compete with the circulatory ones of the digestive tracts, this will reslut in a loss of performance.

exemple of laste meal (breakfast) :
  • Cereals, gingerbread honey
  • fruits or fruit juice
  • hot drink
  • Yoghourt - white cheese

8) During efforts, what do you suggest ?

Developing eating strategies during effort helps to keep energetics supllies as long as possible. To do so, you must combine hyrdatation and carbohydrate input.
  • To maintain hydratation level : every effort result in a loss of water that can have consequences on performances and health. It is the necessary to dring before being thursty and use in water antioxydante energy drink (different from enegising drinks), those brings indipensable minerals. It is recommended to drink regularly, that is to say 1 or 2 swallow every 10 to 15 minutes.
  • For efforts less than one hour : no sodium compensation is needed.
  • For effort longer than one hour : sodium compensation is recommended and even utmost for effort under hot conditions. The isotonics and antioxidant drinks are specialy studied to answer the athlets needs in sodium.
  • Compensate the energy losses : the carbohydrates. To work the muscle need energy under glucose or fructose form. Yest the reserves are limited. It is the necessary to bring some during activity. The carbohydrate can be used under the liquid or solid form, according to the athlete preference and the hydratation strategy.
  • Combining the most concentrated gels, preferably with acacia honey, with a moderated glycemic index, when the energetic needs are more important than the desire to drink. The energy bars are also adapted and have the benefit to cut the feeling of hunger thanks to the chewing time.

9) How to limit the intestinal disorders ?

For some athlets, some intestinal disorders occur during effort. Those disorders are due to the effort and are increased by the dehydration and can also be triggered by the food, hence the interest of not overloading the digestive systems already weaken by the effort. The trick ? to avoid those disorders, combines with a carbohydrate input. Acacia honey has a better digestive index than glucose syrup, thanks to its high level of fructose. Its passage into the bloodstream is progessive (Moderate glycemic index) and does not trigger a sudden secretion of insulin. To avoid nasty surprises, you should never try a new strategy on comptetiton day, but try it several times before dring training in order to adapt and modify the products or flavours.

10) Are the ingredients of your gels safe according to the doping control ?

Developed by our partner's laboratories, the MELTONIC range exclusively uses 100 % natural raw materials, with Honey, Organic Royal Jelly, Essential oils and plants concentrated extracts, conservative free. Our laboratories are responsible and well-known for their expertise in sports nutrition, use ingredients compliant with the European Anti-doping Regulation

11) What are the advantages of Royal Jelly in sport ?

Riche in amino-acid, in B group vitamins (especially B5), in minereals and oligo elements, Royale Jelly ( substance produces by the bees to feed the queen ) presents remarkable strengthening virtues and stimulating the sportive energy. Naturally wealthy in Leucine and lysine : two precious oligo elements. It brings the body endurance and energy.

12) What is the difference between a body care and a Natural Organic body care ?

The MELTONIC natural cares are elaborated by our laboratories with ingredients issued from the organic farming : Honey, Royal Jelly, Essential oils... The organic label defined by the COSMEDIO charter compels the laboratories to develop products containing :

  • 95 % of natural ingredients or with natural origin
  • At least : 95 % of the vegetable ingredients are issued from the organic farming At least : 10 % of all the ingredients are issued from the organic farming.

13) Energy drink or invigorating drink, is the same ?

No the first one is formulated to provide energy as part of intensive and extended muscular expenditure such as running or cycling. The aim of an energy drink : compensate the losses in sugar, selt and water and being quickly assimilable by the organism. Its composition is regulated. An invigorating drink is formulated to supply energy revival thanks to a high level in sugar and components such as caffeine, taurine or glucuronolactone. Varying, its composition is not subject to any rules. It should not be used in case of sport effort. The invigarating drinks are mainly used by young people to hold all night long (Red bull kind)