Davide Magnini - Skyrunning and skimountaineering

Can you introduce yourself in few lines ?

I’m Davide Magnini a young professional athlete from Italy. I’m 22 years old and I live in Vermiglio, Val di sole in Trentino. I’m currently studying at thethird year of university in materials engineering.
First of all I’m a really big appassionate of the outdoor sports in the mountains and my biggest passions are skimountaineering in winter and trail running in summer. I’m in the Italian national team of skimountaineering for 9 years and 4 years ago I became a professional athlete joying the Italian ski mountaineering team of the Army. Also during the summer I’m competing in international races of trail running and for that I joined the Salomon international team 6 years ago.


How did you start to make sports ? 

When I was a child, 3 years old, my father pushed me to try different sports from cross country ski at the beginning, after I moved to alpine ski to learn well the technic, tried after also ski jumping until I started the skimo races following my father who was competing in national races and fortunately: I was lucky because they went very well since the beginning.


Tell us about your passion for this sport, what makes you vibrate, what are you looking for ?

Ski mountaineering and trail running are my greatest passions because they allow me to experience the mountain in all its facets, and in reaching the most extreme peaks I develop a privileged relationship with the context. Living nature so intensely means establishing a relationship with the mountain that goes far beyond competitive practice. It is a constant and continuous attempt to overcome my limits, experimenting and bringing my skills to the maximum, in order to live an optimal experience in which body and mind work harmoniously while they are focused on a specific goal.
An important characteristic of these sports lies in the fact that they are an individual and hard sports, and this allows a privileged position towards the direct contact with nature: I'm entirely absorbed in the so-called "here and now”, that I feel a great pleasure just for the pure performance of the activity. And in this precisely psycho-physical state, I am able to preform at best of my ability: the maximum and optimal performance is achieved, the so-called peak performance!

And for the sport nutrition, What’s importance de you attach to it ? do you have tips to share ?


 In my opinion the nutrition, and in particular the sport-nutrition, is a fundamental aspect of my daily routine: from our diet we draw the energy that allows us to live and play the sport we like the most, for this reason it must be complete with all the necessary nutrients, but at the same time it must be easily digestible and I think also environmentally sustainable. Personally I am a bit delicate in terms of digestion so I have to be careful to eat healthy and light foods and this is even more true during physical effort when the body is under stress. I don't follow a particular or restrictive diet, I eat quite everything trying to take as much as possible local and unpackaged food, especially for animal products such as meat and cheese that I'm lucky enough to take directly from the producers (grandfather).

How do you use Meltonic products ? And what is your impression about ?

I use meltonic products before and during my sport activity, especially the gels and bars I found them really powerful in terms of energy while maintaining a light taste and really good digestibility that is crucial for me.

What are your goals for the 2020 sports seasons ?

For 2020 my goals have yet to be defined : now I’m competing in the ski mountaineering races and I would like to take some good results in the world cup and also in the Grand Cours races. After for the summer I’ll probably follow the GTWS, where would be nice to obtains some podiums like in the last year and after some other famous races to explore new places and ambiences.


To get more information about Davide on his instagram.

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