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Tonic Magnesium

Feeling tired ? Anxiety ? So many signs of a lack of magnesium.  

A large part of the population lives with a magnesium deficiency. This is especially true for athletes, who evacuate a lot of magnesium through sweating.  

Meltonic offers you the Magnesium Tonic:  
  • Regenerates energy in case of muscular fatigue  
  • Contributes to a good muscular functioning  
  • Dead Sea magnesium is a natural product of quality that facilitates its assimilation by the body  
  • 2 capsules / day = 79% of recommended daily intakes of magnesium  
  • Associated with royal jelly, it is better absorbed by the body
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    Why use Marine Magnesium before sport?

    The practice of a sports activity increases sudoral losses (30 to 40 mg of magnesium per liter of sweat per hour) but also on the metabolic level (enzymatic reactions), hence the interest for some people to consume during a definite period of time marine magnesium, generally well assimilated (without causing digestive disorders), respecting the RDA (300mg / day for an adult).

    Magnesium is known to allow proper muscle function and carbohydrate metabolism. An athlete has interest in favoring foods with high magnesium content (green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, chocolate ...), and some mineral waters fortified with magnesium (such as Hépar, Badoit, Contrex, Saint Yorre ...). However, the intake of food supplements is often recommended to obtain its recommended daily intake of 300mg.

    How to use Magnesium Tonic?

    Preferably take 2 capsules before breakfast with a glass of water for 3 months. A jar contains 180 capsules, the equivalent of the entire defined period of consumption.

    What benefits does Magnesium Tonic bring to athletes?

    Magnesium Tonic is a food supplement that helps to reduce muscle and nerve fatigue in order to be at its best on D-Day.

    •  Regain d'énergie musculaire et nerveux
    •  Limite les contractions musculaires douloureuses
    •  Format pratique : gélules végétales
    •  Fabriqué en France
    • Ingrédients pour 2 gélules :
    • Royal jelly* 5% (14,21mg)
    • Capsule of vegetable origine : hypromellose 75mg
    • Gelée royale
    • Anti-agglomérant : stéarate de magnésium
    • * : Organic product
    • For :
    • Magnesium :
    • 2 gélules
    • 297mg (79% AJR)
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