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Cyclo pack

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6 Boissons au choix
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6 Boissons au choix
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Cyclo pack :

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Our cyclo pack is composed of :

  • 6 MIXED ENERGY GELS with Honey & Essential Oils, glucose syrop and gluten free 2 Boost, 2 Endurance 2 Antioxydant.
  • 2 MIXED ENERGY BARS with honey, Spelt, Royal Jelly Bio (Figs, Red fruits). Ideal for practitioners of endurance sports, wishing to combine pleasure and performance.
  • 6 ANTIOXIDANT ENERGY DRINK SACHETS with royal jelly and natural lemon flavor or organic red fruits or mint. Rich in vitamin C and source of magnesium and zinc for an optimal hydration.
  • 1 ORGANIC LIGHT LEGS GEL with red vine , Mint essential oil and royal jelly. An immediate fresh and light feeling after sprot.
  • 1 ORGANIC EXPRESS TONIMEL with Royal Jelly (10 days treatment) Strenghten your defenses and increase your capital energy, before, during and after sport
  • GIFT : A 600ml bottle (made in France)
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