Assortment of 12 energy gels
  • Assortment of 12 energy gels
  • Assortment of 12 energy gels

Assortment of 12 energy gels

12 energy gels : antioxidant, endurance, boost, slated & fresh !
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Discover our organic acacia honey-based energy gels, with tonic plant & essential oils, guaranteed in Total Antioxidant Power. These gels are gluten free, they will bring you a progressive natural energy & and an optimum digestion during the effort, thanks to their richness in fructose (glycemic moderate index).

With this assortment of 5 boxes of 8 energy gels, discover unique flavors to reconcile pleasure & performance :

  1. Antioxidant : honey, acerola & Spirulina
  2. Endurance : honey, ginseng, and organic royal jelly
  3. Boost : honey, magnesium, & guarana
  4. Salted : honey, salted flower & organic royal jelly
  5. Fresh : honey, organic royal jelly & mint

Practical & resistant format of 20g (1box = 8 gels, or 160g)

To consult the ingredients lists and nutritionnal values of each box, you can consult the following lists below :

  • Box of antioxidant energy gels


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